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Teacher Mom with Jan Allbritton Pastor Andy is preaching on “I’ve still got issues” for the next few weeks. I personally believe that we will have issues until the day we die because we are human. There are always going to be areas in my life that need the touch of God, and I am [...]

CARY SIMS Ag Extension Agent A few years ago, I gathered my wife and two boys into our living room to stay the night. I did that because the likelihood of any fallen trees from the coming hurricane weren’t likely to hit us in that room. We had stockpiled water and non-perishable food as well. [...]

RICHARD NELSON The city’s commitment to spruce up its amenities continues, as Diboll City Council on Monday voted to replace the Old Orchard Park storage shed. The roof leaks in the old shed, which is used to store Diboll Youth Baseball equipment, and would have cost about $3,000 to repair, according to Diboll City [...]

E.B. Berry found me at the Dollar General Store and had me laughing when he said he had nearly killed himself the Saturday before. I was concerned when he told me about going fishing and it was so hot he almost croaked. That little trip probably reinforced his plan not to get outside much until [...]

Jordan Family Dentistry, Andy and Art Jordan, welcomed their new dentist, Valerie Sperry, D.D.S., with a reception in her honor last week. Her husband is John Sperry and he is a counselor at SFA. Their two boys are Duncan, who is 2-and-a-half, and Logan- who is 9 weeks. Her parents are Donna and Gary Walker [...]

Texas Comptroller Susan Combs is joining forces with the Texas Library Association to provide all public libraries and more than 1,100 public elementary schools with nutrition- and fitness-related books and DVDs geared to children and pre-teens in the fight against obesity. This is part of the comptrollers efforts to boost awareness of the agency’s Reshaping [...]

Finally! The short strip of Hendrick Street behind our store and Henry’s Donut shop is back in service. I am so programed and didn’t realize just how many times I use that alternate route from the main highway. I know every log truck driver that crosses the scales will be even more happy the work [...]

A sedan driven by a Diboll woman was rear-ended Tuesday afternoon by a tractor-trailer rig on Highway 59 in front of City Hall. Betty Havard, 64, was taken by ambulance to a local hospital and later transferred to Memorial Hermann Hospital in Houston with broken ribs and sternum and two fractured vertebrae. Friends reported she [...]

Diboll Police Department investigators are following up on several leads and hope to soon make arrests of those suspected in breaking into the Neches Pines Golf Course maintenance shed and also damaging the greens. DPD was notified that the course’s maintenance shed had been broken into on Aug. 22. The culprit or culprits took a [...]

In God’s Bible Proverbs 17: 6 says, “Children’s children are the crown of old people.” We pray that the grandparents had a great and blessed Grandparents Day. Thank you for letting Jesus Christ use you to show His love to your grandchildren. Some of you are raising your grandchildren and we know Jesus Christ will [...]