News take 40th anniversary trip to Morocco

Carolyn and Stanley New spent their 40th anniversary on a two-week trip to Morocco in January. They flew to Marrakech via Madrid, Spain, and were five nights in a Riad (a place to stay with an open courtyard) within the Medina (old walled city). They walked through the central market “Jemaa el Fna” and visited … Read more

Former super, kids stop by to buy feed

Halle Hawkins, 9, and her sister, Gracie, 14, came in Saturday with their dad and former DISD superintendent Dr. Brent Hawkins. The middle sister, Hannah, was not with them. These three girls are active in 4H and participate in showing animals around the state of Texas. That day, Dr. Hawkins looked more like “farmer” Hawkins … Read more

Committee weighs franchise tax reform

Members of the Senate Finance Committee expressed frustration with the state franchise tax and discussed ways to reform or even eliminate the tax altogether. Passed in 2006 as a way to cover the revenue gap created by a property tax cut, the state franchise tax has consistently performed below expectations and has left the state … Read more

John Powers at commemoration of Iwo Jima

Monday, Feb. 23, marked the 70th anniversary of the iconic photo of U.S. Marines raising the American flag during the Battle of Iwo Jima. Prior to the flag-raising, the major U.S. objective was to capture airfields for emergency landings for our B-29 bombers. Just a small note in case you’ve forgotten your history, 74 days … Read more

High Demand entertains at First Christian

First Christian Church office was serenaded by High Demand A ‘Capella Quartet composed of John Cavanaugh, Jeff Berquist, Keven Stoddard (FCC Longview) and Daryl Pritchard. They came and sang several songs that were enjoyed by Kelly Rowland, Glenda Smiley, Jerry Hill, John Porter, Polly Goodier and their roadie, Elizabeth Cavanaugh. Kelly posted a picture on … Read more