30 Years Ago: Pinewood Derby winners announced

One Year Ago Dibollians wake up to “Winter Wonderland” as the town gets almost three inches of snowfall. City of Diboll makes budget corrections to clear up five city departments’ over-budget expenditures. According to city finance official, the city was overspent about $208,600. Longtime Lufkin physician Dr. Dan Spivey celebrates 90th birthday at home with … Read more

30 Years Ago: John Archer is Firefighter of the Year

One Year Ago The T.L.L. Temple MemoDiboll High School Athletic Director/Head Football Coach Shane Adair submits letter of resignation to Diboll ISD Superintendent Gary Martel. City of Diboll’s final sales tax rebate this calendar year is about 17% better than last year’s payment from the state comptroller’s office. This past month the city received $49,942 … Read more