Freed by Christ 2-5-15

A new month in a new year. We pray your year has been good. Jesus Christ has blessed in so many ways. God has sent us the plentiful rain. He has protected us from the bad storms. The Holy Spirit has comforted us in our times of need. God is always faithful. In God’s Bible, … Read more

Freed by Christ 1-15-15

Where are you headed in this New Year? Do you want to go down the best path? Do you want help as you go? Jesus Christ has and will supply all you need. Jesus will light your way. Jesus will give you direction. Jesus will be with you no matter what comes your way. Jesus … Read more

Freed by Christ 1-8-15

357 or 1? 357 is the number of days that you could have left in the year OR you could have only 1 day left. You see, you do not know how many days God has ordained for you to walk on this earth. Only God knows that. Are you prepared to meet God Today? … Read more