God can only use broken vessals

Teacher Mom with Jan Allbritton If you bother to watch the news or read the newspaper, you can say that it was shocking this week. A judge in another state said that a girl was older than her chronological age and gave a rapist 30 days jailtime because he appeared repentant. Say what? Fourteen is … Read more

God wants us to talk to him every day

Sisters in Grace Tina Trout Terrell and Christie Trout Stephens   “Pray without ceasing.” – 1 Thessalonians 5:17.. Once upon a time for me, summer consisted of LOTS of sleeping, fun with friends and family, and no worries. Some how, I turned into a grown up with real responsibilities. No more sleeping late and way … Read more

Freed By Christ

We thank Almighty God for the abundant rain He has been sending to our area.  Other parts of our state are real dry.  God has been very gracious and merciful to us. In God’s Bible it says in Job 5:10, “He gives rain on the earth and sends water on the fields.”  God blesses us … Read more

Freed By Christ

It is hard to believe that school is about to begin.  We pray you have had a blessed summer.  We are thankful God has ministered to you.  Jesus Christ is always teaching us and preparing us for things to come.  He wants us to learn and grow spiritually so we can be a powerful witness … Read more