A good lesson: Trust God with all your worries

Sisters in Grace
Tina Trout Terrell and
Christie Trout Stephens

“Commit your way to the Lord; trust in him, and he will act. He will bring forth your righteousness as the light, and your justice as the noonday.” – Psalm 37: 3-6.

Last week, I was headed to Austin with my beautiful cousin, Meridith, to take her last test to become a certified beautician. I have been joking with her since she started beauty school that I would go with her to be her model and have a couple of days free from the kids. Mike could handle them. Well, she remembered, and we had it all planned out.
On the way, we talked and caught up on a lot of things, but many of our conversations turned to God and faith. It was actually really cool, and it felt like He weaved Himself in and out of our conversations the whole time. I kind of got the feeling that Meridith was struggling with personal things in her heart about what God wanted of her. She is really good at the whole hair thing, so what was her deal? He wouldn’t bring her to it if he wasn’t going to bring her through it, right? She was just questioning things like we all do, and I’m sure the nervousness of the test played a big part. So there I was rambling on and making connections for her.
About three and a half hours into our ride, we started talking about things we need to get from the store for this test. She said all I needed was my drivers license, and a sudden oh-no-freak-out moment took place. A flash black occurred where Mike took my license out of my wallet in Chicago… but did he put it back? We frantically searched my purse. Nothing!
Meridith called the testing center and told the lady what our problem was. I had my school staff ID, and she told the lady that I was a teacher at a public school with my picture and name on this ID badge. The lady said we could use it. Mike faxed my license to the hotel just in case. No worries now. We’d be fine. I must say, I had the best sleep that night. There were no kids crying, no cold tiny feet kicking me, and no one asking for water all through the night. I had the bed to myself and passed out as poor Meridith stayed up late going through her supplies that she needed for the test.
The next morning, we were rushing around using a GPS that didn’t like us, probably because Meridith kept saying it was stupid when we took wrong turns. We rushed to get her stuff bought, put in her testing baggies, check out of the hotel, and on our way to the testing center. She was good- a little stressed, but good. So she prayed. We called my mom to pray with her. She was fine. We went to check in. Luckily, her name was one of the first called for check in. I gave them my ID, and the rude lady at the desk said I would not be allowed to be her model. She could take the test without a model or not take it at all. Oh the horror!!! Panic was all over Meridith’s face- fear, worry, and doubt. We jumped in the car, rushed to the store across the parking lot, and Meridith went in and bribed a girl  that worked there with $50 to be her model. Meridith was in tears. She told me the girl would meet her there and ran over to the testing center. I  never saw a girl walk out of the building over to the test site. I was in panic… Then I prayed. I prayed some more, and I prayed even more. With no girl in sight, I called my mom and we prayed. I called my sister, Mike, and my cousin, Jamie, and we prayed some more. I felt horrible. This was my only job, and I totally let Meridith down. There was a lot of water works while I waited.
Finally, a little over an hour later. Some of the models came out of the building. “Please go in the other building. Please go in the other building.” I whispered over and over as I watched these ladies go in different directions. More prayers going up. God was probably shaking his head at me, but I kept sending them up. YES! A girl finally walked over to the other building. Meridith had a model. God provided. And then I relaxed… a little. But Meridith looked so stressed out. I prayed some more that she would be able to concentrate. After a few more hours of waiting, the testers began filing out. They all looked exhausted and not very happy. Meridith wasn’t smiling, and my heart sank. As she climbed into the car, she was looking at her paper and said, “I passed!” It was a huge relief.
On the road again, I was a little upset that some stranger got my facial and manicure, but Meridith and I decided that God was testing her faith. The devil will always try to keep fear, worry, and doubt in your way. God wanted her to trust Him, and when she prayed during her test and let it go, He calmed her a little, and everything was good. He even gave her the sign. Since her mom’s passing, on important days that Meridith has had, she has seen a rainbow appear in the sky. The beauty of a rainbow simply says that even after the roughest storm, things will get better. This is a very special sign to Meridith. She said it’s a sign from God and her mom, Susan, to let her know Susan’s watching and she’s proud. On the way home, the most beautiful rainbow appeared in front of us. It filled the sky from one side to the other. Meridith was very happy and at peace. We learned a really good lesson- TRUST GOD with all of your worries. Do you need to let a worry go to God today?
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