The little moron threw the clock

Carolyn (Sue) Hendrick

It can’t be time for school already.  Where did the summer go?  We have twelve whole months a year to accomplish world changing feats.  Remember all of those earth shattering resolutions we made in January?  Funny, they didn’t seem so important as the year rushed along.  Something always needed done and now its August.
One thing that fills my time is waiting for repairmen.  Some of them are right on time while others seem to follow a different schedule.  The best ones call if they are running late.  Even better are the ones that arrive as scheduled.  If you have a list of those, you are truly blessed.
Of course, there is always a job to do as well.  Whether we work at a paid job or not, we must cook, clean, wash, and go grocery shopping.  If we have children, we meet their schedule along with our own. Now, the busy time of fall is     beginning and the clock begins to tick faster.
“Oh, and what about the pets?” Someone may add.  A pet is a member of the household and has their own needs of eating, being taken out, exercising, and bathing.  Just like the rest of the family there are doctor appointments and medications from time to time.
Busy. Busy. Busy.  We fill our days with time consuming duties and our nights with obligations.  Rest is welcomed when found.  The days, the weeks, and then the months have once again slipped by without notice.  Is it any wonder that we begin to feel panic as the school bell tolls? “ The year is all but gone,” we may be thinking.
Realizing that time is passing, we have to deal with some mind altering questions. Where has all of the time gone?  Did I really have to turn another year older?  What have I done that is truly meaningful?  Has my life made a difference to anybody?  In these moments we may be tempted to feel a little doubtful about ourselves.  To question the loss of the year, as we sense the months already gone by, we could be wasting our time.
When I was a child, “Little Moron” jokes were popular.  One went something like this:  “Why did the Little Moron throw the clock out of the window?”  Answer: “To see time fly.”  The year may seem to be flying away from us, but we still have time to make something out of this one.  We could go back to the same old resolutions we made in January and salvage what we can, or we could do something else.  The important thing to remember is that we have made a difference this year.  We were here!  Taking our place on the great hands of time, we are filling our own slot on the great clock of life.  So, I say fly if you must, I’m going to hang on and enjoy the ride. It is only August.  We still have several months to make a difference this year.
We all need our clocks.  To throw them out the window wouldn’t solve a thing.  What we can do is enjoy the hum of school bus motors and the laughter of children.  Pray for our teachers.  Look forward to the special days that fall brings.  It is my favorite time of the year. Here’s wishing you a busy and healthy time to enjoy every hour the clock ticks.

Sue Hendrick lived in Diboll for several years.  Although she now resides in Lufkin, Diboll will always be her East Texas home.