Huntington Class of ’45-’46 enjoys reunion

Sheila Scogin

They might have been a small group but they managed to talk and laugh a lot and enjoy some delicious food.  That is none other than the class of 1945-46 when R.P. (Bob) and Mary White, Tomball; Doyle Harvill and Ted and Marie (DeWoody) Horton, Lufkin; Laverne (Rudy) Trinkle Tucker, Houston covened for a class reunuion.  Classmates from Huntington were Neal Denman, Elaine Arnold Nerren, Helen Weaver Collins, Tom and Faye Nell Holland, Elmer Dominey, Ethel Ivy Havard and Ted Ivy.  Guests were Babara Ivy, Kathleen Walker, Sandra Dominey Taylor, Jesse and Betty Nerren Forrest, Ineda Byrd LeSassier and Ann LeSassier Blanton.  A special thank you is sent to Debra Bashaw and Jill young for helping me find folks.
* * *
I walked in McMullen Memorial Library and asked the young women behind the desk how she is kin to Beverly Walters Havard.  She is Chandler Modisette and the granddaughter of Beverly and Tom Havard, her mom is their daughter Amy and great-grandparents are Jimmie Lee Havard and Nelda Walters.  I have not seen Amy in years but if she looks like Beverly as does Chandler then I would definitely recognize her.  Chandler is helping out at the library this summer while she waits for college classes to start again.
* * *
Curtis Spivey caught me just as I was leaving for a doctors appointment to ask how Beamon is.  He offered to mow the yard or help however he could since Beamon does not tend to our yard as he once did.  Curtis is always thoughtful but hasn’t realalized he is as old as Beamon.
* * *
Tommy and Lane Lowery were on vacation with Shana, Ernest, Morgan and Grant DePaoli of Dallas to Norway, Sweden and Denmark.  The country was absolutely beautiful and very cold.  Their pictures showed them with jackets on.
* * *
Randy and Eileen blew into Texas like a tornado.  They came to Sugarland to the wedding of Billy Schmidt (formerly of Lufkin) and Heidi Yates Burrous (formerly of Diboll).  Randy and Eileen catered the rehearsal dinner which was brisket, sausage and ribs, several side dishes and Randy’s prize winning pinto beans.  Everybody was wanting to know where they could buy that food but sadly the nearest place in Tennessee.  Heidi is the daughter of Bill and Carolyn Yates of Diboll and Billy is the son of Eileen and Randy Birch of Tennessee and Bill Schmidt of Ohio.  Billy’s sister, Patti Smith, was unable to attend as she was vacationing in Finland.  Heidi’s children Hunter, Heston and Haven Burrous attended the wedding.  The Schmidts will reside in Richmond.
Randy and Eileen ate in Beaumont, enjoyed a Whataburger in Richmond, ate in New Braunfels as they made their to San Antonio to see Roger Ratcliffe who went to kindergarten with Randy in Woodville, ate in Lockhart before arriving at our house.
Randy said he was practicing satying on his strict diet while on the road.  He and Eileen worked like crazy helping me clean out and get rid of lots of items no longer needed here.  Some of it was certified junk, more went to Women’s Shelter, bedding and such they took to Animal Control, some went to recycling and some of it went to the Sew and Sew ladies at the Lufkin Senior Center.  Nell Addington talks about those ladies and the good work the do in her Sunday The Lufkin News article.  At all the places the dolks were happy to get whatever was unloaded.  Think of them and other accepting places when you have items to donate.
We were so busy that we ate at Cheddar’s, Logan’s and Huntington Sonic and Randy managed to grill for us.  They saw Ineda LeSassier and Ann Blanton, Diana and Harold Yost and their daughter Charlotte, Patrick and Leslie Richards, Tim Scogin, Pat Garrett, Barbara and Joe Charanza and Jill Young.
After church with us they stopped in Nacogdoches to eat lunch with my sister Christal Shaw and then headed for Tennessee.  For some reason or other I think they were ready to go home.
Seriously we always appreciate all that our kids do.  I wish every parent could say that about their kids being helpful as the parents get older and are unable to do all the things that need to be done around the house and yard.

Sheila Scogin contributes this weekly column about Huntington-area residents.