We are to be doing God’s work until our last breath

Jan Allbritton

Have you ever been in a church service and you ran out of room on your paper to take notes? Well, when Pastor Terry Yancey of Kansas preached Sunday morning, I was writing notes all over the paper and turning it this way and that just to get down what I thought was important to remember. Words of wisdom were flowing, and I was trying my best to keep up!
Terry reminded us that politics will not fix the problems of this world, and that it doesn’t matter which party is in office. We all know that, but do we really KNOW that? We, the church and the body of Christ, have to live our lives out-loud being filled with the Holy Spirit and passion so much that others see that Jesus does make a difference.
Our nation is in desperate need of men and women who are filled with the Holy Spirit who are willing to step out and make a difference.
You and I were not saved to live a selfish, safe existence. We were saved to live dangerously for God. We should not want to live just for ourselves. Doesn’t the Scripture say that the fields are white with the harvest, but that the workers are few? Now that is a sad statement. The crop is going to waste because no one wants to gather the harvest.
Friends, the third most critical mission field in the world is the great old USA. America has that many unreached people! Less than 20 percent of Americans are true followers of Christ. By true followers, I mean those that actually have a relationship with Jesus.
You and I need to work at hearing the Holy Spirit. God is not mad at us. He loves us, and as in any loving relationship, He wants to talk to us and us talk to Him.
Due to that relationship, He wants us to do mission work and make a difference.
Did you know that there are still billions of folks who have not heard of Jesus? Billions! That means that you and I are supposed to be reaching out to them. Whose life are you supposed to show up in? Who are you to tell about Jesus?
Maybe the geek at Best Buy who sold you a TV? Maybe the carhop at Sonic? What that young man who works in your shop? Maybe the young single mom down the road?
Pastor Terry said that perhaps we need to pray that the Holy Spirit would interrupt the world of those around us and give them a Jesus encounter. Do you have a relative that you need to pray that for?
God doesn’t just want the pastor to tell others about Jesus. He doesn’t want just the pastor to visit the sick or the bereaved. He wants ordinary men and women like you and me, common men and women, to be used by the Holy Spirit in an uncommon way.
Now, you are gonna tell me that you are too old or too young or too busy to do that. NOT!!! God does not discriminate due to age, gender, or race. He is not wanting us to just coast til Jesus comes.
You and I are not to go down quietly. We are to be doing God’s work until we take our last breath. That may mean that we are telling the doctor or the nurse about Jesus right before we join Him in glory!
We are to change the reality of the world around us. I have often heard it said that if the atmosphere is not right, we can change it by prayer, praise, and worship. With that being said, we can change the reality of the world around us in the same way.
If you look around and see that things need God’s helping hand, don’t ya think that you can offer up some prayers? Then perhaps you can put feet to those prayers by doing something.
The job is not done. It is no where near done because not enough folks are willing to step up to the plate.
20%! Only 20% are followers of Jesus Christ here in the US! God is not to blame for that statistic. We, the body, have failed to do our job.
We have failed to communicate just how amazing our God really is.
God is the One anyone can come to anytime anyplace. We don’t need an appointment or have to worry about calling Him too early or too late.
If you and I just reach out to one person at a time and make a difference in their life, then there is a ripple effect. We reach one who reaches another. Then we reach out to another who touches another.
Pretty soon, we can put a big dent in those billions that don’t know about God.
Have you ever heard the question, “How do you eat an elephant? The answer is you eat it one bite at a time.”…. We can just take one bite at a time, and pretty soon, the elephant is gone.
So, now get your fork and pull up to the table. Take your first bite of your elephant. One bite at a time, one person at a time.
What’s for supper tonight? Elephant. Hmmm.

Jan Allbritton is a Diboll resident who teaches at St. Cyprian’s Episcopal School.