Impromptu family reunion at Brookshire Brothers

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As I was doing errands early my Uncle Neal Denman followed me into the store and as I checked out cousin Frank Clark came in. We probably ought to stage a family reunion in the coffee room there in Brookshire Brothers. A man stopped me to ask if I ever canned meat. I haven’t but Mother always canned beef when we were younger. There’s nothing tastier than round steak or roast beef that put into jars and pressured and when you open a jar of it there nothing that tastes quite as good. The best part the meat done. It make for getting the meal on the table faster.
The man and I figured out how he should fix several different kinds of meat and some of it was wild game he had in the freezer. The nearest thing to wild game we ever ate was our dad Delbert and a friend, Prent Junge, had hogs in the woods as did lots of other folks and they would catch several of them, bring them home and we fattened them on yellow corn until they were big enough to butcher about the time of the first cold spell.
* * *
For nearly 30 years Randy has been in the music business, He was recalling some things and places he had been last week that I had forgotten about. He turned in h resignation to the sound company he has been working with for many years and in pursuit of something different. He’ll be “on the road again” as Willie Nelson has said but he will be working for Allegro Fine Foods. He will travel some of the same highways but the venues will be different. H specific duties will be chef, pitmaster and salesman for the company that sales allegro marinades, their own barbeque sauce, Blues Hog barbeque sauce and lots of other products.
Team Allegro(Randy and Eileen have been associated with them for about 10 years but just part-time and volunteers. Selling anything that he believes in Randy’s cup to tea.
We are excited as they should spend more time in Texas and hopefully we will see more of them.
* * *
Jeff Swearingen and has a nice vit and I asked about h dad Bill Swearingen who has worked for Gipson Funeral Home for many years. Mr. Swearingen doesn’t work nearly as many hours as he once did. Jeff said that h dad’s first job was working in a funeral home as a young boy doing whatever the owners needed him to do. That evolved into a lifetime career and I’m sure he might not even be able to count the number of grieving families he has comforted. I also asked about Keith Swearingen who one of Jeff’s brothers who works for Texas State Bank. Jeff owns Huntington Lube and he truly a nice person to do business with.
* * *
Nell and Lorrie Addington and Alta Sharry spent the day with long time friend Billie Phelps who has moved from Lufkin to be near family in Dayton.
* * *
In the future I will have serious sues with Mike who takes our groceries at our Brookshire Brothers. The guys always ask if I need a large or small basket to gather milk and break. Th day Mike said I should fill the big one up. I had enough of “milk and break” plus all that other stuff to fill the trunk of my car! Wasn’t that awful for Mike to encourage my spending habit? Seriously we have great sackers and I am thankful for them.
* * *
Jack Carnley was looking for something in the store and I chatted with Marjorie Lovett Clark whom I had not seen in a long time. Garleatha Adams Nerren was gathering her items quickly.

Sheila Scogin contributes th weekly column about Huntington-area residents.