God wants us to talk to him every day

Sisters in Grace
Tina Trout Terrell and
Christie Trout Stephens


“Pray without ceasing.” – 1 Thessalonians 5:17..

Once upon a time for me, summer consisted of LOTS of sleeping, fun with friends and family, and no worries. Some how, I turned into a grown up with real responsibilities. No more sleeping late and way too many worries. I have gone to bed very late every night, and I’ve tried so hard to mark things off of an enormous to-do list this summer. My life has become busy… a little too busy. As I surfed through Pinterest (that’s what I do in my down time or to make myself sleepy), I came across a post that said, “If Prayer were your job, would you still be employed?”
Ouch! It hurt pretty bad when I looked at my life lately. I seem to go through these phases where I talk to God very often, and then He suddenly becomes like someone who’s not around much to talk to. Oh, I know He’s always here, but I pushed Him off to the side as I went about my everyday life. I would very possibly be unemployed right now if praying were my job. Luckily, He’d be the most awesome boss and keep giving me chances every time I messed up.
Life gets kind of crazy sometimes, and it even seems like there’s too much to handle. When I have that closer relationship with God, things just seem to get calm so easily. It’s these phases where I’ve pushed Him away that are more difficult to handle. However, He sends little reminders, like that post, to get me closer to Him.
When school starts, the kids and I have made praying in the car on our way to school a habit. We pray at meal times, when we see or hear bad news, when we’re scared, or even when we’re angry. Now that summer has taken over, we’ve gotten out of some of those habits. Just this week, the kids and I were looking through old pictures. There was a picture of our dog, JoJo, who passed away a while ago. The kids were sad, so we prayed. We then talked about when to pray. Anytime and everywhere were the answers. God wants us to talk to Him and grow closer in our relationship with Him. How often did you talk to God today?
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