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Dazzling success

Dazzling support
The Diboll High School Dazzlers had a fundraiser, car wash/turkey leg sale and it turned out awesome! With all the support and donation the Dazzlers had a very successful day. The Dazzlers would like to say “thank you” to their community for its support, which encourages them to push themselves and to strive harder in all that they do.

Dazzling success
Diboll High School Dazzlers had their line camp with the MA dance instructors from July 29 through Aug. 2.  The girls had to learn six dances as well as their competition dance, which they will perform and compete at the Texas Forest Festival this September.  The girls’ hard work and dedication earned them two Superior plaques and Superior ribbons for Team Grand Champion and Outstanding Home Routine.
There were a total of 27 awards won by individuals — 12 Rising Stars ribbons, 10 All American ribbons, and five Honor Mmedals that were giving out to some of the girls.