God can only use broken vessals

Teacher Mom


Jan Allbritton

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If you bother to watch the news or read the newspaper, you can say that it was shocking th week. A judge in another state said that a girl was older than her chronological age and gave a rapt 30 days jailtime because he appeared repentant. Say what? Fourteen fourteen, and IF she was more mature than her chronological age, I wonder what mature man educated her in the field of her sexuality?

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Children are born innocent of such things, and stay innocent until someone exposes them to these things. More than likely th teen suffered who knows what kind of abuse at the hands of such men as th repentant teacher. More than likely, he only being that way because he got caught.

An abuser bothers others and gets away with it about 181 times before they are ever caught. How many other young women had th man bothered?

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I know of a rapt who raped at least three young virgins while he was in high school. None of them ever told. Did he threaten them? Did he shame them? I don’t know what he did, but he was able to keep up h nasty acts because no one spoke up. These young ladies are getting on with their lives, but what damage did he do? It took them 20 years to even begin to heal. One waited a long, long time to even get married and have kids, another married several times because she had problems trusting men, and the other I don’t know what has happened in her life. The rapt married and had a bunch of kids and lives in a metropol. I often wonder if he continuing to do what he did to them. I wonder if he even thinks about the damage that he did to these innocent young women. I pray that he repented and turned to God. I pray that those young ladies were able to forgive and heal.

Then take a look at the music awards and see what one young woman did.

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She performed in such a way that she shocked those who are jaded already. She behaved in such a way that she acted like a serpent. Her dress and dance were horrible and vulgar. And some call that entertainment? Let’s call a spade a spade. It was not entertainment.

It was sick and not acceptable to be shown on televion. Th young woman was innocent and along the way, some producer or agent convinced her to cross over to the dark side all in the name of fame and money.

Th not acceptable!

We need to be praying for our youth. They are being bombarded by trash from all sides, and think that it the norm to think, dress, and act that way. Our youth need strong moms and dads to stand in the gap for them, and to teach them right from wrong. We need to tell them that it not acceptable to dress like a tramp and expect to be treated like a lady.

Pastor Todd preached on Jonah th week, and he was pointing out that when we sin, we are running from God. However, God always chasing us in H mercy. God may send storms of mercy to get our attention.He talked about how we might have dordered anger or priorities. What?

Do you mean that my priorities might not be God’s?

When God asked Jonah to go to Ninevah, He was wanting to send an army of one. As you know Jonah ran from God, was swallowed by a giant fh and stayed there three days. After Jonah repented, he was thrown up on the shore by the fh. He then went to Ninevah. Ninevah was a huge city with dark and primitive ways. However after Jonah told them what God had said, the entire city repented and turned to God. The entire city, th huge city, repented and turned to God because the army of one did what God has asked.

God oftentimes sends an army of one to do H business. Right now, our nation in need of a moral and spiritual awakening. Are you willing to be an army of one?

If you or I want to be fully used by God, we have to step down from our throne of self. We have to become humble, repentant, and broken.

God can only use broken vessels. When we are weak and broken, then God can come in and be our strength.

We had a baptm service Sunday morning, and it always so awesome.

There was a man around my age who was getting baptized. He was crying when the others got baptized ahead of him. When h turn came, he was crying. When he came out of the water, he was crying. Do you know why he was crying? He was crying because HE GOT IT!! He got it that he did not deserve the love of God, but God loved him anyway. He got it that it didn’t matter what he had done, God loved him anyway. HE GOT IT!!

The whole church was going wild because he was broken, humbled, and repentant. The way that we are all supposed to be!!! I just know that God doing something absolutely amazing in th guy’s life because HE GOT IT!

“I once was blind, but now I see! Amazing Grace, How sweet the sound, that saved a wretch like me. I once was lost, but now am found, twas blind, but now I see!” HE GOT IT!

Do you get it? Humbled, repentant, and broken. Now, that somebody God can use!




Jan Allbritton a Diboll resident who teaches at St. Cyprian’s Epcopal School.