Don’t be afraid to share relationship with God


Sisters in Grace

Tina Trout Terrell and Christie Trout Stephens

“If anyone is ashamed of me and my message, the Son of Man will be ashamed of that person when he returns in his glory and in the glory of the Father and the holy angels.” –

Luke 9:2.



There comes a point in every kid’s life when they become embarrassed of their parents. I remember being in grade school, and when my mom dropped me off, I made her kiss me good bye way before reaching the school. I didn’t want my friends to see me kissing my mom bye – like they didn’t have their own parents who were kissing them down the road so I couldn’t see them either! That was not the only issue of embarrassment. No – my mother had it down to an art. She would hold training bras, shirts, and pants up to me in the store to see if they were the right size; lick her finger and wipe something off of me, etc. The list goes on and on – complete mortification! My mother was not my only source of embarrassment in my youth. My dad would also embarrass me and Tina– quite often too. He, on the other hand, would often find humor in embarrassing us. This was his favorite. He would do something embarrassing in the store and then say our names REALLY loud! Needless to say, we didn’t shop with him too often! He spoke too loud sometimes and the good Lord knows he still can’t whisper to save his life. In my younger years, I guess I was embarrassed of my parents!


This weekend, my cousin came into town. She has three kids of her own. We decided to get together, visit, and go out to eat. We went to a BBQ place in Lufkin. We sat at one table and the five kids sat at another. They didn’t want us to help them do anything. The kids ordered for themselves and pretty much ignored us. I guess they didn’t realize that other patrons in the restaurant knew they didn’t drive themselves, but none the less, we all enjoyed our meal. We made a quick stop for frozen yogurt for dessert. Again – my cousin and I sat at one table. The kids sat at the other. The only time they didn’t have a problem interacting with us was when we paid for their stuff. Go figure!


While driving home, a song came on the radio. One of the kids said they didn’t like that song, so me being who I am, turned it up louder. Then the kids began to protest. Again, my mischievous side came out, so I turned it up more and began to dance. This really mortified the kids. My cousin joined in too. As we danced and sang at the top of our lungs in the “mommy mobile” minivan, the kids ducked, hid their faces, and pretended not to know us. We were getting attention from other drivers too – who joined in dancing with us. So to top off the greatest “mommy” moment ever, I just HAD to open the sun roof and add waving to everyone around us to our grand performance! My cousin and I were laughing so hard – we were crying! We stopped at a red light and the song was over. We closed the sun roof and laughed and laughed. We composed ourselves and told the kids that more performances were in our future. They just loved that! I guess I take after my dad because I did enjoy embarrassing them – just a little bit.


Now that I am older, I realize how silly it was to be embarrassed or ashamed of my parents. They love me unconditionally, and they were and still are always there for me – when many of the friends from school are long gone. I don’t mind when my dad is too loud or when my mom holds clothes up to me in the store (which she has done to this day). I just enjoy spending time with them. I know that time is a gift and no day is guaranteed. Now I am wiser and understand the joys of being together and unconditional love.


Our father in Heaven wants to spend time with us, wants us to share him with others, and wants us to be open in our relationship with him. Too often we are ashamed and hide our relationship with God, our spiritual beliefs, and our religion with others. Why is it so easy to share inappropriate things with others – without embarrassment, yet any mention of a close relationship with God is a taboo subject to be tip toed around? We can spread gossip but not the gospel. Is this the way we should be? Join me today. Don’t be afraid to share God and your relationship with him with everyone you know. Live your life with the example to become more like him. Let others see him in you in all you do and say. Won’t you share him today?


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