4-ingredient recipe favorite

Judge Esther Barger

My sister gave a cookbook several years ago titled “Four Ingredient Cooking”. What could be easier than a recipe with only four ingredients? Here is my favorite recipe from it….some really decadent brownies.

Rich Chocolate Brownies

12 oz. EACH semisweet and milk chocolate

3/4 cup butter

2/3 cup self-rising flour

3 extra large eggs

Preheat the oven to 350 degrees. Spray the sides and bottom of an 8 inch square cake with non-stick cooking spray.

Break the semisweet chocolate and 3 1/2 ounces of the milk chocolate into pieces and put in a heatproof bowl with the butter. Melt in microwave on medium heat stirring every 10 seconds.

Chop the remaining milk chocolate into chunky pieces. Stir the flour and eggs into the melted chocolate until evenly combined. Stir in half the chopped milk chocolate and turn the mixture into the prepared pan, spreading it into the corners. Sprinkle with the remaining chopped chocolate.

Bake the brownies for 30-35 minutes, until they rise and are just firm to the touch. Let cool in the pan, then cut into squares. Store brownies in airtight container.


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