Let’s tackle the issues we all have going on

Teacher Mom

with Jan Allbritton

Did you know that one in ten people have an addiction? Did you know that 95% of substance abusers are able to function day to day? That means that they are able to take your blood, work on your car, cook your meal, write you a ticket, drive your train, or fly your airplane.

I don’t know that I find a lot of comfort in knowing that because abusers don’t wear this BIG sign that says Substance Abuser on them.

I have often thought that we don’t have a clue what others around us are struggling with. We wear these masks of everything is peachy-keen when in actuality our world is falling apart.

Last Sunday at our church, a very brave lady went before our congregation and shared her own struggle with addiction. She was someone that we all dearly loved and had for years. However, she had her own pain and struggle, and God led her back to Him.

It took a lot of courage to get up there and be real with all the folks in her church. I am very proud of her for being so brave and vulnerable. I just know that God is so very proud of her and the way that she gave all the glory to Him.

When Pastor Jeremy asked all those who had prayer requests for family members or themselves, I strongly felt the presence of God in the sanctuary.

I truly believe that many around us had their lives changed today.

Do you have an addiction? Do you have a secret? Just remember this, sin strengthens in the dark. When the sin is exposed to the Light, it cannot help but grow smaller. Do you think that you can control your addiction? That should be a red flag because the addiction will control you. The addiction will take you hostage.

When this sweet lady was in rehab, they had her write a love letter to her addiction, and at the end of her rehab, she wrote a “Dear John” letter of goodbye. Do you need to write a Dear John letter to something?

One of her counselors says that with an addiction, the further you get away from it, the more your soul soars like a homing pigeon to your creator. Just think how profound those words are.

The more distance between you and this thing that is trying to destroy you, the closer you are to God.

Can anyone fall? Can anyone make a mistake? Yes, anyone can fall and anyone can make a mistake. If you think that you are above falling, watch out for you have a pride issue going on.

How do you keep from falling? Well, you hang close to God. You tie yourself to a local church and to others who will hold you accountable. You get in His word and stay in His word. You spend time worshiping Him and praying to Him.

If you are going through some tough times, ask for help from God and others. Get counseling if you are grieving and having a hard time.

After all, it takes an intelligent person to want to improve themselves. I once had a counselor tell me that when someone made fun of me for reaching out for help.

We don’t have to do stuff by ourselves. We don’t want to be a self-made man because then we have a pride issue going on.

We want to depend on God. Does that mean we are weak? I sure hope so because there is none so strong as the weakest person who depends on Jesus Christ.

May we all be as brave as the lady in my church because God is healing her and restoring her and using her to reach others for His kingdom.

May He do the same thing with us.

Here’s to tackling our issues this week for we all still have issues going on.




Jan Allbritton is a Diboll resident who teaches at St. Cyprian’s Episcopal School.