Huntington’s late ’50s classes enjoy reunions

Beamon and I were in Dr. Terry Well’s office to get our flu and pneumonia shots and were lucky enough to visit with everybody who works there. Joyce Edwards, Casey Kennidy, Cheryl Wells, Valli Jones, Frances Felts and Lulla Adams were getting us prepared to ward off unwanted germs during the winter.

* * *

Frances Felts and her daughter Karen had just returned from a trip to Mississippi where they had lots of fun. They toured several of the old plantation houses and planned to ride in a hot air balloon but got sidetracked before they lifted off. They also had great plans for Natchitoches but all good ideas are often ditched. However, the girls are still working on their “bucket list.” In spite of plans backfiring there were lots of laughs and fun.

* * *

Lulla and bob Adams were off to Colorado to see their grandchildren Cade, Cole and Ella Carroll and their parents Karla and Chris. Cade was supposed to be playing junior high football but a broken arm just before the season began kept him off the field. He found plenty of ways to help the team and the family cheered for the entire team. Cade’s cast will come off just about time for him to play basketball, and he is excited.

* * *

Cletus and Gladys Russell, their daughters Nancy and Billy Ray Allen and Janice Brooks made their annual trip to Kansas to visit folks and enjoy the Labor Day picnic family members host. Gladys reported the folks around Salina and Ellsworth really were suffering from the drought this year. She was disappointed the Colorado peaches had not done well due to fires and too much rain so none were on board with them on their trip home.

* * *

The Huntington High School classes of 1956, 1957 and 1958 enjoyed getting together at Golden Corral last month and from all accounts they did have a good tiem. Joe and Marie Belk were present as he was the agriculture teacher those years and was a sponsor for all the classes. Betty Truett was a guest as she was secretary to the superintendent.

The 1956 class members and spouses at the reunion were Kent and Dillie McGaughey, Nell Forrest Settle and husband Alvin, Paulette Wooley Forrest, Buel and Wanda Puryear, all of Lufkin; Timothy Griffith, Thomas Barbara Lowery, Charles and Clara Lovett, Dell Forrest Morehead, Billy and Ann Porter, Gay Nell Walker and Delvin Terry, all of Huntington.

The 1957 class members and spouses at the reunion were Jesse and Jerene Walker, Lufkin; Earl and Henri Thompson, League City; George Russell, Willis Point; Ralph and Garleatha Adams Nerren, Joyce Denman Webb and daughter Teresa Moore, Melvin and Mary Russell Taylor, Joe and Janice Murray Wilroy, Cora Sue Gilbert Stone, all of Huntington; and Billy Flurry, Zavalla.

The 1958 class members and spouses at the reunion were Herb and Belinda Vanglahn, Bill Havard, all of Lufkin; Wayne and Dixie Nerren, Hendersonville, Tenn.; Don Yeates, Buffalo; Wanda Nell Curry Conner, Hallsville; Billy and Vivian Page, Jerry and Frances LaSalle, Virginia Scaff Summers, LaWanna Durham Gainer, Frankie Kimmey Terry, Beatrice Lowery Massoth, Johnny and Wanda Bonner and Melody Stone, all of Huntington.

* * *

A few of our 1959 class got together at Dean’sand had a great time eating and visiting. Class members and spouses there were Rex and Betty Ivy, Jenny Harris Mosely, Melba May Duran, Margie and Jack Green, Memphis Crawford and Beamon and I.

A group of girls and their sponsors evidently had been playing in a tournament of some kind and stopped to eat. The school was from Woodville and Beamon and I were sincerely glad that it wasn’t su spending our Saturday on a school bus for some extracurricular activity. We pulled late night and weekend duty when I taught school at Woodville and Kountze. The girls were very quiet and mannerly and I always like to see young folks who are like that. Lots of folks came and went at Dean’s while we talked and laughed, having a great time. A few of us can make a loud noise!


Sheila Scogin contributes this weekly column about Huntington-area residents.