Letters to the Editor

Now is the when our players need support
On Sunday a young man got injured in a football game and a bunch of jerks cheered. This just sucks. Our Houston Texans are having a tough year.
Our Diboll Lumberjacks are having a tough year, also. We are young, very young, and these kids and their coaches need our support instead of crap. Our coaches and our kids go out every week and try their best. No one likes losing and our coaches are not teaching these young men to lose.
Right now is when our kids and our coaches need our support. If you are going to cheer them when they are winning then you need to come out and support them while they are having a tough time.
If you have to get down on our coaches then at least wait until next year. Next year if they don’t do good then you might want to get down on them. Just don’t do it around me – you might get a cussing! My name is Tom Farley and I have seen this crap too many times. You football experts might want to walk a little in real coaches’ shoes.
Our kids are a low point at this time, but they keep going out and giving their all.
Now is when these young men and their coaches need our help. Come out and cheer them on through this tough time and maybe we will have more to cheer about next year.
I love all these kids and respect all of our coaches – even you Joe-Joe.

Tom Farley