Showing that Sparks

24p1Top photo, students in Mrs. Stephanie Sparks Pre-K4 class at Diboll Primary School enhance their literacy skills by identifying, saying the sounds and letters on their alphabet mats. Pictured from left are Rascal Allsbrooks, Ryan Straps and Adan Chavis-Wortham




24p2Middle photo, students in Mrs. Stephane Sparks’ class are excited about reading in the library. Pictured from left are Cash Frankens, Latavian Forney and Jorge Salcedo. Above, sudents in Mrs. Stephanie Sparks’ class at Diboll Primary participated in the 100th day of school celebration. Mrs. Sparks’ class showcase their 100th day hats as they blow bubbles in the gym. Pictured from left are Emily Vazquez, Jaquelyn Lewis, Jakendrick Clevenger Jr., Jasmine Avila and Ryder Philp.