Dads invited to go back to school next week

Diboll PTSA will take part in the annual “Take Dad to School” day next week.
Diboll Primary School will celebrate Thursday, Nov. 14, with breakfast for all the dads of students in the morning Pre-kindergarten 3 and Pre-kindergarten 4 programs.  Dads of those in the afternoon session of Pre-kindergarten 3 are invited to come for lunch.
The PTSA will furnish coffee and donut holes, or a parent may purchase a meal in the cafeteria.  Following the meal, parents are invited to the classroom to have some “hands-on” experiences with their child.
All dads of students in kindergarten through sixth grade are invited Friday, Nov. 15, for breakfast at the H.G. Temple Schools cafeteria.
Judge Paul White will be the guest speaker at 8:45 a.m. Friday at the H.G. Temple Schools.  Following his presentation, door prizes will be given.
Research has shown that children with strong involved father figures in their lives do better in school.  They score higher on standardized tests and are less likely to become involved with drugs and alcohol.  This annual event helps to focus on the need for fathers in the home.
The local event is not limited to fathers only.  Grandfathers, uncles, cousins and friends are urged to attend.  Mothers are welcome to come with their children, as well.