Huntington Class of ’62 meets at Golden Corral

The Huntington High School Class of 1962 met at Golden Corral for an evening of catching up and eating while all were talking.
Those present were Glenda Attaway Hill, Nederland; Calvin and Susan Carrell, Monahans; Richard and Joy Ivy, Early; Madelyn and Harold Rakestraw, Houston; Diane Junge Stubblefield, Kennard; Travis and Gayle Stanbery Fuller, Lufkin; Christal Russell Shaw, Nacogdoches. From Huntington were Frank and Wanda Harris, Minnie Barnett Kirkland, Billy Castleberry, Martin and Lou Ann Cocharan, Harold Jones, Marjorie Lovett Clark, Daiona McGaughey, Bill and Linda Page Clark, Lucille Phillips Burnett, Jeff and Lola Shofner Hanchey, and Dwight and Kathleen Walker.
* * *
There were so many fall festivals that I could not keep up with them. The words “fellowship and food” bring lots of folks who enjoy talking and eating. Many of the socials were one Saturday night or other, but Highway Baptist Church planned a “Trunk or Treat,” which changed to Plan B when the rainy weather brought doubts and uncertainty. I truly think there should always be a Plan B for anything, whether inside or out.
Folks at the church gave out lots of treats on Halloween night after the rain went away. Other churches also were adding good stuff to the kids’ treat bags. Jan Mayes Beasley brought a little goat all dressed up for Halloween, which thrilled the kids and the goat, too. Joyce Webb said the adults chuckled at their antics.
* * *
Neal Denman helped son Greg with lights at the Homer Methodiest Church much to the delight of all the kids who trick-r-treated. Members of the church also provided a supper of chili and hot dogs. At fall festivals there seems to be no shortage of chili, stew, soup and hot dogs.
* * *
Peggy Cotton and I met in the store and chatted a bit, which is never enough. She is one of the nicest ladies, but I only see her when I am in a hurry.
Former classmate of ours Memphis Crawford was coming into McMullen Memorial Library as I was leaving. It is fantastic to see so many folks use our library for reading material or to use the computers.
The library is open during school hours, late on Tuesday evening and from 10 a.m. until 2 p.m. Saturday.
* * *
When Randy and Eileen were here at the first of October for a short stopover before going on to Austin, Houston and the Dallas-Fort Worth area to work, he was being thankful that their mailbox had not been knocked to smithereens in a while. Lo and behold, when he checked his phone before they went to bed, the next-door neighborhood had texted that the mailbox, brick and concrete were scattered to heck and back in the Birch front yard. Thankfully, several wrecks ago they got a post office box as he has no new box in reserve. This was No. 14! He would put their house number on a cedar tree near the road but that poor tree has been hit almost as many times as the mailboxes.
* * *
With the big rain we got last week and all the lightning, wind blowing and flooding, our electricity never even blinked. But, after it was about all over the lights did go out. Beamon was not happy due to the television being off, and heaven forbid that he can’t turn the Western Channel on and promptly go to sleep. I easily solved his next worry by letting my fingers do the walking and calling Dean’s, which is his favorite place, to cook lunch for us. We were not the only folks out our way heading to town seeking our “grub.” Hopefully, all of yo got some much needed moisture at your house.

Sheila Scogin contributes this weekly column about Huntington-area residents.