It’s time to take a stand for our children

I have been thinking for quite a while now about how we as parents are teaching our kids about God. The best way that we teach them is through our own lifestyle. If God is important in our lives, then He will be important in the lives of the kids, right?
I would think so, but I have been somewhat puzzled by many of the younger ones who were brought up in church. There are several of the younger generation who don’t seem to realize that they are the ones who are to teach their kids about Jesus, or so it seems. I am bothered when folks don’t seem to realize that it is important to lead by example. Kids don’t do what we say. They do what we do. If we get up and make God a priority, then they will too.
Our KIds Works, the kids’ church, took over the adult service last Sunday. We got to participate in the way that they worship. We moved around and worshiped God. We played some games. We learned Scripture in a really cool way. We watched a Bible story. Action, action, fun, fun, learning, learning, moving, moving, fun, fun, worship, worship!
If I were a kid, I would eat that all up!
Pastor Jason, the children’s pastor, talked to us about moral development in kids. Did you know that there is a window from age 2-11 where moral development occurs and then it peaks out. By 18, this development has pretty well cemented. That is the time in life when what we want to teach must be shoveled in!
In Proverbs 22:6, it is written to train up a child in the way that they should go. What we put in a child at a young age is what they will become.
What happens if we don’t teach those kids how to make moral decisions?
That window closes, and the cost is catatrophic if we don’t!
There are very few resources to teach our kids about moral decisions.
Our whole world is starving morally in politics and society. Of course, Satan wants to throw us off course when it comes to our children. He knows that there is a window, and he will do whatever he can to keep us from teaching our kids.
It is time for you and me to take a stand for our kids. For the sake of the kids, we need to stop doing some of the things we are doing.
For the sake of the kids, we need to step up and do what is right.
There are ways to help your kids and my kids. Number one, get your kids to church every week. The church is your partner to help you pour into your kids. You need to volunteer in there because your kids need to see you putting God first and serving others. Next, make sure that your kids go to kids’ church. Kids’ church is age appropriate instruction in the Word of God for them, and it is fun!
YOU need to talk to your kids NONSTOP about God because you are responsible  for lighting the fire of God in your child. It is your job to fan the flame that was planted in your child.
In every area of our lives, every day of our lives, and in every way of our lives, we need to show them the love of God. We are to show them by the way we respond to others. We are to show them by our work ethic. We are to show them by the way we treat our spouse and them.
We, as parents, have the amazing privilege and awesome responsibility to raise up these blessings from God to love Him and to serve Him all the days of their lives. We are to assure that they have a strong foundation in Christ, so that when the storms come, and they will, our children will rise above the storm.
We are to raise them up to be little Christs. We are to raise them up to tell others about the love of God.
Is this a daunting task? Is this a serious situation? You better believe it is because someone’s eternity is determined by whether we teach them about God or not.
Several years ago, Mike and I went to see “Heaven’s Gates and Hell’s Flames”, and there was one scene that I will NEVER forget. In that scene, a dad and a young son came before God. God did not know them.
As they were being dragged away to hell, the little boy cried out, “But Dad, you never told me about God!” The little boy went to hell because his dad did not think that it was important to tell his son about God.
Friends, let us not make that mistake. Let us realize that our kids will not know about God unless we, the parents, teach them.
Grandparents, if the parents wont’ do it, then you do it. You take those kids to church. You teach them about God.
Children are too precious to not make sure that they know the Lord and Saviour! Starting right now, today, start making a difference in the lives of those around us. Some of the children may be in adult bodes by now, but we can still tell them about Him.

Jan Allbritton is a Diboll resident who teaches at St. Cyprian’s Episcopal School.