Good to have family in Texas for nearly 2 months


Sheila Scogin

Randy and Eileen were in Texas for 55 days working in Houston, San Antonio, Austin, Dallas and Fort Worth. They spent their time doing demos of Allegro products and Blues Hog barbecue sauces. At HEBs, Albertsons, Krogers and Brookshire Brothers, shoppers enthusiastically sampled meats smoked with Allegro marinades and barbecue sauces and also meats with Blues Hog barbecue sauces.

Team Allegro provided a meal with all the trimmings and using the marinades and barbecue sauces to feed the folks at D.C. Scott their noon meal. They also fed the employees at Albertson corporate headquarters.

At Brookshire Brothers corporate headquarters lunch was served to all who worked there. Randy was excited to work in Lufkin to see who he knew. He found our cousin Janice Russell Brooks, Angela Ridgeway, Robert Bruce and Tina Duren Randolph. Everybody was appreciative that they did not have to worry about lunch.

Their last day of work in Texas was at Gaslight Plaza Brookshire Brothers store on Frank Street in Lufkin. Randy knew he might not know many people but he says working with Texas folks is great. Folks are really friendly and are quite receptive to new products. Blues Hog barbecue sauces will be in Brookshire Brothers stores in the near future.

We were happy that Randy and Eileen got to spend several days with us and we stayed busy. Randy took food to the First Baptist Church for the volunteers to eat when they helped with the Food Pantry. He also contributed to the meal for His Most Excellent Way program at the church.

One evening he visited with Ann and Billy Porter, and another day he and I were at the beauty shop where he visited with MeLinda Harris and Sharon Turney. Bob Rice happened to be getting his hair cut, and he and Randy visited. Both of them can talk a mile a minute and they knew some of the same folks.

Randy and Eileen were trying to find a shop to get something for the trailer and he was on Highway 59 South, so he drove to Diboll because he knew someone at Pouland’s Everything Store would know, and sure enough John Ralph Pouland directed him. He was sorry that he missed Sandra Pouland.

Randy also visited with Mike Ebarb, who manages Pinewyoods Sanitation.

* * *

We all had a wonderful time helping our aunt Mildred Denman celebrate her 90th birthday. Some who were there were her siblings Vera McGaughey, Polly White, Paul Clark and Billy and Linda Page Clark. Others were Lynn and Sundra Denman, Josh, Lori, L.J. and Bryce Denman, Marjorie Clark, Joyce Webb, Neal Denman, Barbara and Joe Charanza, Jan Beasley, Gladys Mayes, Paul, Holly, Kelsey, Addie and Emmy Howard, Gladys Russell, Brother Lamar Denby, Carolyn Phillips, Debbie Denby, Pam Hooten, Daiona McGaughey, and her sisters susan and Judy, and Ed Snelson, all of Huntington; Greg and Teri Denman, Frank and Elena Clark, Janice Brooks, Kelly Denman Havard, Brooks Russell, Patrick, Jordon and Jason Largent, all of Lufkin; Larry Denman, Buffalo; Burl Russell and his daughter Martha, Austonio; Mike and Anita Denman black, Gurdon, Ark.

* * *

We were sorry to hear of L.A. Wilkie Jr.’s untimely death. He was in school at the same time as Randy and was one of those quiet students that you liked to be around. He was 51 years old and we send our sympathy to his wife Patricia and his folks L.A. and Liz Wilkie and his other family members.

* * *

At lunch one day we ate at Cajun Oaks which is the new restaurant in town. Cheryl and Joey Kvale own it and are off to a great start. Another day we were off to Woodville and Beaumont to check out what has been happening since we lived down there. A lot of changes have been made.


Sheila Scogin contributes this weekly column about Huntington-area residents.