Freed by Chrt

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The cool weather gone.  Summer on its way.  Cast off the sweaters, long-sleeve tops and coats.  We will be asking for that cool weather in a couple of months.
How your “spiritual weather?”  Are you cold, lukewarm or hot?  Who controls your temperature?  Hopefully, Jesus Chrt does.
God’s Bible says in Romans 13: 14, “But put on the Lord Jesus Chrt, and make no provion for the flesh, to fulfill its lust.”  Please let Jesus Chrt clothe you in H righteousness.  With H forgiveness and everlasting life you can know what your “spiritual weather” for all eternity.  Jesus does not want you to burn and suffer for eternity.  Jesus wants you to be able to enjoy H perfect place – Heaven.
— Bro. Kenny Hibbs,
First Baptt Church