Grandkids still enjoy trip to zoo

Lulla and Bob Adams had to wait longer than usual for their grandchildren – Cade, Cole and Ella Carroll – to come to Texas for spring break. The Colorado family were in Houston and Lufkin, and Cade did not stay very long here until he flew back to Denver to spend the week playing ball. He is the sports enthusiast and goes out for all activities. Karla, Cole, Ella, Bob and Lulla enjoyed doing Lufkin things and all were disappointed when they missed the train ride by five minutes. It would seem that the Carrolls are not going to grow too old to have fun at the zoo in Lufkin. It does not get too hot nor too cold for the kids to want to see all their animal friends.
* * *
With HEB stores closed for Easter Sunday, Randy and Eileen enjoyed the day off so they went to the zoo in San Antonio. He thought the zoo was hosting a barbecue cookoff when the parking lot was filled with campers and trailers hauling smokers. One of the information people told them that Easter weekend the city or whoever is over the zoo allows folks to spend th weekend on the zoo grounds. They had beautiful weather for camping out and folks came from near and far.
Another meeting at breakfast a couple of men recognized the Birches belonging to their trailer since they wear coordinated T-shirts. One of the men could not imagine what Full Sail College had to do with barbecue cooking. The school was one of the sponsors for the Allegro team before they officially started working for Allegro Fine Foods.
After Randy explained that he had gone to the lighting and sound school, the man was amazed to hear all the choices a student would have to learn for a career. His son had been trying to sell his parents on the college and they could not believe anyone would make a living doing such. I’m sure the son was shocked when his dad returned home with so much information for Full Sail.
One of the stores Randy and Eileen worked had security walking the parking lot during the day and the man was actually carrying a gun. It has always amazed me that security folks most of the time do not war a gun. Wouldn’t be much help if you had no gun when you encountered a desperado.
* * *
Frank and Wanda Harris, Billy and Vivian Page and P.C. And Sarah Page spent a few days relaxing at the lake. P.C. Was thinking the wind was so strong that the fish might be blown out of the water. He was amazed that Frank caught fish enough for them to eat under those circumstances. I assure dhim Frank is a dynamic fisherman. When the Harris kids – Frank, Jenny, Peggy and Becky – were growing up they spent lots of time at the river as their mother Lena havard harris loved to fish. She could catch a mess of fish when nobody else even got a bite.

Sheila Scogin contributes this weekly column about Huntington-area residents.