We need to listen and follow His lead, direction

Sisters in Grace

Tina Terrell and Christie Stephens

“And all the children shall be taught of the Lord; and great shall be the peace of thy children.” – Isiah 54:13.

Today, I was sitting in church with Greg and Tina. Greg was on my left, and Tina was on my right. Ellie, Tina’s youngest, was sitting in between Tina and me. At the beginning of the service, we sang a song. Ellie climbed up in my lap. She got a hymnal, and I began to follow along with her little, pointer finger. She smiled and laughed as I sang in her ear.
Then it was time for the prayer. Ellie climbed down and sat in between us on the pew. In our church, before we pray, people lift up names for prayer and the congregation responds with, “Lord, in your mercy, hear our prayer.” One by one the names were lifted. Time after time, we heard a small voice respond, “Lord in your mercy, hear our prayer.” I couldn’t help but open my eyes to look at Ellie. There she was, eyes closed and hands folded. She had stopped drawing on the bulletin for a moment to pray. I listened to her each time she said the choral response with the adults in the church. It was a small little voice, but it seemed to boom in my ear. In fact, it was all I could concentrate on.
When that part was over, the preacher said the pastoral prayer. Ellie was extremely quiet and kept her head down. After the pastor says his prayer; he leads us into the Lord’s Prayer. Again, the little voice resounded. I heard her over everyone – even myself. I concentrated on her little words over and over again. When we said AMEN, she looked up at me and Tina with the biggest smile. Her light blue eyes just beamed.
Of course she made a few mistakes in saying the prayer, but all in all, she did a great job. I told her so when we were finished. I also told her how proud I was and that God was too.
When little Ellie was praying, I know God heard her. In fact, as she looked up when she was finished, I could tell she knew He heard her too. Her eyes just beamed with the glory of Heaven. I don’t know how anyone can doubt there is a God or Heaven above after looking at the innocent, uninhibited praise of a child!
God tells us to come to him as a child and have the faith of a mustard seed. We sometimes let inhibitions of the world keep us from praising the way we should – loud and proud or quiet and reverent. God leads us in how he wants us to praise. We have to listen and follow His leading and direction. Won’t you follow Him today?
* * *
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