Officers rescue woman from ditch

Diboll police officers rescued a woman after her truck slid into a deep ditch of fast-running water about 10 p.m. Monday.
Officers were dispatched to the intersection of South First and Elm Street and found an elderly woman in Dodge pickup that had slid into a drainage ditch about 6-foot deep. The officers reported that due to the heavy rainfall the truck was beginning to fill with water.
The cab began to fill with water, and Officers Lazaro Robles and Seth Anthony went into the ditch when the water level was about 2.5 feet. Before the (Diboll Volunteer) Fire Department could get to the scene, the water had quickly risen to about 4.5 feet and debris was striking the officers in the legs. They decided to remove the driver from the vehicle and get her to higher ground.
They carried her through the water and placed her atop a large culvert, securing her there until the fire department could arrive with a backboard to lift her to safety.
“Officers Robles and Anthony never hesitated for a moment to put themselves in harms way to give assistance to the driver of the vehicle,” Sgt. Steve Baker said. “I am proud to be serving with these two officers, and their quick actions reflect highly on the police department and the city of Diboll.”
During the rescue some of the officers’ equipment was damaged, including a taser, because there was no time to remove equipment before entering the water.

Ecstasy found
A May 3 traffic stop resulted in more than 1,000 Ecstasy pills being confiscated.
Sgt. Brandan Lovell conducted a traffic stop in the 400 block of North Temple about 9:26 p.m. Saturday, May 3. He obtained verbal permission from the driver, Kendrick Deshawn Carter, to search the vehicle. Officers discovered the drugs in an overnight bag located in the back seat.
Upon approaching Carter to place him under arrest, he fled from officers on foot. Officers gave chase for about two blocks, and he was apprehended by Officer Noe Aguilar in a residential area.
Carter was placed under arrest for possession of controlled substance, a 1st degree felony and evading arrest, a class A misdemeanor.  Carter was booked in at the Diboll Police Department and later transported to the Angelina County Sheriff’s Department. He has posted bond.