McMullen library offers summer reading program

McMullen Memorial Library will have summer reading on Tuesday mornings at 10:30. Each day there will be a different program so plan on being present each time.
Summer hours will be from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday through Friday; late on Tuesdays, 4 to 8 p.m.; and Saturdays, 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.
The Tocker Foundation has awarded the library funds to buy large-print books and they already have many new books for patrons. Many folks prefer large-print books so these have come at a good time.
A memorial for Billy Edward Stone was given by Jackie Morehead and family and a memorial was given for Ineda LeSassier by the Roos family.
* * *
Lulla and Bob Adams were off to Buena Vista, Colo., to keep the grandchildren – Cade, Cole and Ella Carroll. They were to get them to school for Karla and Chris. Karla was happy to report that they had no snow before the Adams couple left Lufkin. Lulla told her not to worry the snow would come as soon as they got there. Sure enough they not only got snow, but lots of ice.
Bob and Lulla volunteer each year with lots of other folks around the country to get the Frontier Ranch ready for inner city kids through the Young Life program. This time they could not get up the mountain to the ranch and one of the couples from one of the northern states had to take them up in their vehicle that had four-wheel drive. You can guess what the first purchase the Adams made when they got back to Lufkin. With their own four-wheel drive vehicle, now it probably won’t ever snow like that again. At least they can hope!
* * *
Blaire Lankford graduated from Hudson High School and her parents, Brandi and Doug Lankford, hosted a party for her before graduation. Some who had a great time were her grandparents Leslie and Patrick Richards and Charlene and Ted Lankford, Bettie Westbrook, Beamon and Sheila Scogin, Lynn and Rebecca Reid. Also Pat and Johnny Garrett, Tim Scogin, Jodi, Anne and Janie Morgan, Jackson and Carly Lankford and several others.
* * *
Jerry Ivey was getting his hair cut at MeLinda’s when I was there. I don’t see him so often since he retired from Georgia-Pacific. Jimmy and Kathy Church were also there and he asked ab out Beamon. They worked at Texas Foundry together.
* * *
Billy Wesley and other musicians were at the Huntington Historical and Genealogical Society meeting to entertain the guests. Having a great time were Joyce Webb andher brother Neal Denman, Laverne Wesley, Jerry and Frances LaSalle, Heather Hughes and her mom Vada Hughes, Jim and Essie Pillows, Cullen Barnett, Curtis and Judy Spivey, Cletus and Gladys Russell, Truman and Martha Hall, Janie and Buck Hines, Pam Hooton, Dwight Walker, Thomas and Bobbie Hines Jones, Frances Denby, Ted and Barbara Ivy, James eaves and Mary Terry.
* * *
It is unusual for me to leave the hosue on Saturday. I still think the weekend is for me and here I have been retired for many years. Saturday was one of those unusual days when I went to “town.” Folks were busy having garage sales, the ball parks were full, and yards were being mowed. Pretty weather gets most people out of the house to do something. Being the first of the month also is motivation for pharmacies and grocery stores to be patronized.
On Main Street the Keep Huntington Beautiful folks have planted flowers or bushes at most of the street intersections, and the roses, especially, have been exceptionally beautiful this spring. I always look at them when on Main Street. One day while I was out and about most of the vacant lots had been mowed and looked quite nice. Buddy Lowery declared he had been working very hard to get mowing done and was exhausted. Melba Duran and I understand folks who work hard.
Coming up Main Street after I had finished my errands, I noticed somebody on a tractor still mowing. Having just glanced that way, I made the block to be sure of what I was seeing. Good grief! That was NOT Buddy working so hard, but Manuel Navarro. To give credit where credit is due, Manuel is helping Keep Huntington Beautiful! And doing a good job of it, too.

Sheila Scogin contributes this weekly column about Huntington-area residents.