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Jeremiah Deason shows Supt. Gary Martel how to use the Smart Board in Mrs. Burnhauser’s classroom to make words.

Joshua Thornhill shows h dad how to use the Smart Board to count Easter eggs into a basket in Mrs. Robert’s classroom.

Diboll Primary School hosted a Technology Showcase and Open House on March 26. Students were able to demonstrate their ability to work on the Smart Boards, Ipads, Smart Tables and student computer stations.

PreK4 students working on the Smart Boards were playing the Fun Factory Word Building games, Catch & Learn Matching Quantities games, Alphabet Letter Match Basketball Shoot & Letter Sound Alphabet Grab games.

Students and parents worked on the IPADS on math and alphabet apps. PreK 3 students used the Smart Tables to make puzzles, sort colors, and make patterns. They used the Smart Board to play the Fhing Number Match Game.

Students demonstrated their ability to use the student computer stations and worked on educational games and skills such as counting and matching sets, alphabet recognition and letter sounds, word building, and making patterns.

The campus putting new technology into the student’s hands each day which increasing learning!

Students are excited and eager to use all of technology available to them.

Kaitlyn Skoug demonstrates how to play the Alphabet Basketball Shoot game on the Smart Board for her parents in Mrs. Nash’s classroom.