Freed By Christ

It is hard to believe school is over.  Jesus Christ has blessed and protected our schools this year.  We thank God for all of the school workers.  We thank Jesus Christ for watching over all the students and their families this year.
This summer all these students will be home and around town.  A lot of them will not have adult supervision.  Please watch out for all of these children.  We pray that all of these students will listen to Jesus Christ and not make any bad choices.
God’s Bible says, “…whoever trusts in the Lord shall be safe.”  We pray for your parents and adults of these children.  We pray for all these students as they go through this summer.  Jesus Christ will always be there to help you if you will turn to Him.  Please ask yourself, “What would Jesus Christ do”, before you do something.  He will show you what to do or not do.  Please don’t forget that Jesus loves you and wants you to let Him become your Savior and Lord.
— Bro. Kenny Hibbs,
First Baptist Church