Dorothy Pinner Oates always has a smile

It was surprising that when I arrived at Brookshire Brothers Friday they did not have an APB out on me.  I surely hope, in police talk, that means an all points bulletin, but I usually go to the store Monday, Wednesday and Friday and just go to get “milk and bread”.  That equates to at least fifty dollars worth of something.  It aggravates me to shop and get home with nothing to cook.
Anyway Ted Ivy was talking to a woman whose back was to me and when I spoke to him she recognized my voice.  I was so happy to see Dorothy Pinner Oates.  She is a favorite person to me.  Always has a smile even at her saddest times.  Ted checked out ahead of me and before I finished he was back in the store muttering about having forgotten the bread.  That pleased me to know someone else is as forgetful as I am.  If a list is not in my hand when I enter the store my mind goes totally blank of what I came for.  Could be attributed to old age!
* * *
Evidently Sunday due to the rain lots of folks got and graduation weekend our attendance at Chestnut Drive Baptist Church was unbelievably low.  I must acknowledge that we have too many sick folks in our church but most likely all churches nowadays have more sick folks than we want with the high numbers of cancer patients.  Any family that doesn’t have several with that awful disease in its group has to be very thankful every day.  Don’t ever forget to pray and give thanks for something.  We in this country have so much to be thankful for.
* * *
Our son, Tim Scogin, has been here from Colorado Springs, Colorado with his daughter, Kimberly, and her Amber and Tristan Childers of Kimball, Nebraska.  All the great-grandchildren here close to us are almost teens so we have not been around two and five year olds in a while.  They, along with Pat Garrett, and Leslie and Patrick Richards of Lufkin, were with us for supper.
All of them enjoyed a cookout and swimming get-together at the home of Reeva and Bruce Brumley in Hudson.  Joining in the fun were Betty and Preston Westbrook, Johnny Garrett, and Brandi and Jackson Lankford, Lufkin; Carole and Jim Giles, Tracy, Kenneth, Kennedy and Kameron Conway, Longview; Courtney, Joe Bob, Makenna and Collyn Joyce, Tyler.
* * *
Bob and Lulla Adams of Lufkin made their way to Buena Vista, Colorado last month to see Karla, Chris, Cade, Cole and Ella Carroll.  They were able to celebrate Cade and Cole’s birthday.  It is impossible to think Cade is a teen and Cole is a year away from that coveted age.  Kids seem to be babies now and a few minutes later they are ready to walk across some high school stage to receive a diploma.  Time flies when you are not looking!  Bob and Lulla were not too far away from their second destination, which is Frontier Ranch.  They volunteer, along with other adults from all over the United States, to get the ranch grounds and buildings ready for the inner city kids who will come for all the summer activities.  As usual the weather was mixed with some snow and moisture along with cooler temperatures but at least no tornadoes!

Sheila Scogin contributes this weekly column about Huntington-area residents.