We’re in a safe place with God; don’t run from Him

We had a gully washer at our home Saturday night. We knew it was coming because Baby, the teacup Chihuahua, was barking and whimpering. Baby has learned to be deathly afraid of storms because our Jack Russell, Daisy, is seriously frightened of them. When Daisy hears thunder, she heads under the deck or somewhere near the barn.
What gets us is that she has a nice, safe, dry home on the back porch, but most of the time, she runs from safety to what she thinks is safety. This morning, this little white dog was almost black. Wherever she decided to shelter must have been wet and muddy. Exactly she did not want was what she got. She ran from a safe and dry place to a wet and hazardous place.
The 2.3-pound Chihuahua gets to sleep in the utility room because she is so tiny that who knows what might happen if she were outside with predators prowling around. Like I said, she alerted us to the impending storm.
I got up and brought her back to bed with us. She slept by Mike for a while, and then she would come lay by me. The thunder and lightning would really upset her, and then she would come out from the safety of the cover to see what was going on. Then Baby would get more upset.
Finally, I laid her on my tummy, and she curled up and went to sleep. I had both hands on her, and she knew that she was safe in my hands. I would protect her from whatever was frightening her.
You see, you and I are like my dogs, Daisy and Baby. We may face a tough circumstance and instead of staying in a safe place, we run from God. We think that we can work stuff out on our own. We don’t want to let down our pride and let anyone, even God, know that our life is messed up and that we need help.
Others of us are like Baby, we run to God for safety and for Him to take care of things, but we cannot find rest. We are still so stressed out and worried that we can’t rest in His arms.
Finally, God takes us and pulls us close and places both of His hands on us so that we know that we are not going to fall. We then realize that we don’t have to stick our head out to see what is going on in the situation. We just need to curl up in Daddy God’s lap and rest because He is taking care of things. In the midst of the storm, we can have peace because He is in control.
Are you willing to let God handle the storms in your life? Are you willing to be at peace in all situations?
We are going to weather storms, but it is easier to do so when we realize that God has everything under control, and that He will see us through to the end.
We just need to praise God for His protection and His love and His mercy and His grace that endures forever! Thanks, Daddy God, for Your protection in the storms of life.

Jan Allbritton is a Diboll resident who teaches at St. Cyprian’s Episcopal School.