Learning about syrup while at the dentist office

Sheila Scogin

Our local dentist, Dr. Gary Driver, decided to retire and Beamon and I met his successor, Dr. Benjamin (Biff) Beard.  Dr. Beard and his wife, Ginger, are certainly friendly and he was born in Paris.  He attended the University Of Oklahoma College Of Dentistry but he truly has the East Texas friendliness that we know.
He, Ginger and his capable staff, Charlotte, Jeri and Tamesha are on hand for all aspects of both adult’s and children’s dentistry.
Tamesha Butler, who is the hygienist for Dr. Beard, was telling me that her parents, Eddie and Sharon Pahal, own the syrup mill at Bald Hill and they always use other folks’ sugar cane to make the sweet breakfast addition when the cane is mature.  Eddie did try to grow his own cane but that got to be too much as it takes him nearly all year to cut enough firewood for the mill.  I can well imagine that to be true.
Tamesha invited us to come and be with them when that time comes again.  Usually it is in the fall and cooler weather is really a plus with the fire having to burn slowly for the cane juice to cook long enough to turn into syrup.
It has been many years since I was at a syrup making. Many of the attendants go for the fellowship, usually a meal “on the ground” and the Pahals and their guests are even entertained when folks bring their instruments and pick and sing.
* * *
We have had an unwanted invasion lately in our garage.  Beamon calls the pest “tickle weed” and it doesn’t make you laugh.  I say it is kin to the tumbleweed. It certainly does not look like them but it piles into our garage and stacks up.  I’m up to three times a day sweeping it out.  Its name comes from the weed going up your britches leg on the inside and Beamon said you cannot stand to let it stay very long before you get it out.  Between the grass and the “love bugs” I’ve about had enough.
* * *
Tommie and Buddy Lowery and their son, Lane Lowery, were in Dallas for the graduation of Morgan DePaoli from Trinity Christian Academy in Addison, Texas.  Morgan is the daughter of Ernest and Shana Lowery DePaoli and big sister to Grant DePaoli.  Morgan will attend Savannah College of Art and Design next year in Savannah, Georgia.
* * *
Neal Denman was in Mexia over the Memorial Day weekend to attend a reunion of his late wife, Evelyn’s, family.  They celebrate several days with lots of good food, fellowship and an auction of items that many of the family members have made.  This is a great way to help with the cost of rental for the facilities.
* * *
This weather has everyone on edge watching and waiting and not just those in the Midwest.  Randy and Eileen were in northern Alabama to cook in a barbecue competition and I was excited they would be away from so much of the tornado activity.  While we were watching the national news Saturday evening, the announcer told of a tornado that had touched down in northern Alabama.  Randy had decided to change places this year and cook in a different location.  The last year place was the one hit by the tornado and had they been there it was very close to the location of the cookoff.
Every day we have so much to be thankful for!

Sheila Scogin contributes this weekly column about Huntington-area residents.