Thanks to the teachers who make a difference

Tina Trout Terrell and
Christie Trout Stephens

“For we are his workmanship, created in Christ Jesus unto good works, which God hath before ordained that we should walk in them.”  — Ephesians 2:10.

The last week of school was packed with all kinds of exciting activities for my kids. Getting them up and going wasn’t a problem since they had so much to look forward to. The very last day of school, we all woke up ready to go. The kids didn’t complain about their clothes that I laid out for them, they didn’t fight at the bathroom sink, and they were all eating breakfast and watching t.v. Wow, I just knew this was going to be a great day.
Super fun times were about to be had in first grade and prek-4. Emma and Eli were very excited, and Ellie picked up on it and played along perfectly. The day went by and finally it was almost time to be out for summer. I was sitting in my classroom working when I heard the saddest little cry ever. I looked up and saw Eli walking in the doorway with a tear streaked face. As soon as he saw me, he burst in to a full blown sob. It was awful. Mommy-Mode kicked in as I scooped him up and asked a million questions trying to figure out what was wrong. He just shook his head no at each one, but finally blurted out that he missed Mrs. Tiffany, his teacher, followed by even more sobbing, tears, and snot. He was so upset, and then I was so upset and cried a little too. I tried comforting him by telling him that I had her number. We could text and call her all through the summer. He wanted to call her right then, so I sent her a text letting her know how much he already missed her. Mrs. Tiffany replied that when the final dismissal bell rang, Eli began to boohoo and she lost it then too.
Now, I have two views here. As a parent, I am so grateful that a teacher had this kind of relationship with my child. Oh, don’t get me wrong- our school district is filled with GREAT teachers. However, there are some teachers that go above and beyond just teaching. Mrs. Tiffany was an amazing teacher, and she taught Eli so much this year. However, the teaching part is only half of it. This woman loved my son and cared for him all day long. She would let me know about funny or sweet things that happened with him.  Mrs. Tiffany Nash showed love, REAL love, like Christ’s love to each of her students, and the kids are drawn to her. She was a blessing to our children. Emma had her also. Watch out, Mrs. Tiffany! Ellie will be there soon!
As a teacher (especially a secondary teacher where it’s so uncool to like you), I can tell you honestly that we strive to do what is right for the students. Every teacher just wants to make an impact, a difference, in the lives of the students they teach. We do, but we may not get to see the impact. Occasionally old students come by and say hello or that a class was fun. To have a great reaction from a student like this would be an amazing feeling for a teacher. When I shared this story with a few of the teachers I work with, they got teary-eyed too. It’s one of those “WOW” moments for teachers.
Thank you, Mrs. Tiffany Nash and all of the other amazing teachers trying to make a difference out there!
Walk in the good works that God has prepared for you. Make an impact in the lives of others.
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