Visiting with old friends and wondering about the mail

Sheila Scogin

Longtime friends Billy and Shirley Bailey of Colmesneil, stopped by to visit us.  I’m not sure how long it has been since they were here.  They both have health problems and don’t travel much anymore.  It is amazing how many miles Beamon and Billy have driven all over the United States and Canada in their lifetime, so it should not be a surprise they are not able to drive now.  E.B. Berry of Huntington and Ed Davis might be the only others, besides Beamon and Billy, who are still living.  They also drove at Keller in Woodville with the late Edmund Ivy, Tommy Kirkland, Duggan Atkins, David Colbert and Calvin White.
* * *
My aggravation level has gone over the top with the mail system we have now.  This week I celebrated another year and birthday cards from Lufkin and ‘Doches traveled all the way to Houston and back, which caused them to be on the road three days, which is utterly ridiculous.  I mailed Randy a package from our post office and it reached Mt. Juliet, Tenn., in two days.
My Free Press subscription ran out and after it was started again, I’ve managed to get one paper in a month.  And the kicker on that one is that it took six days for the paper to get here from Diboll.  That is simply beyond aggravating!
Margie Green called to wonder where my column was for the paper and I told her just to be glad she had a paper, with or without a column.  But finally, when I got my copy, I was thankful the column was where it always is.  The good thing about a fax machine is the news goes directly to the office.  If we still had to depend on the mail to hand it off in Diboll, Richard could probably throw in the towel.
I remember how a Monday holiday could throw a kink in our mail when I first started writing in 1980.  Finally, I decided to pick up the late Birdie Russell’s column, and, the late Verniece Grippin’s column, and, along with mine, I drove over to Diboll with them.  Karen Redd Hopson took her mother-in-law the late Juanita Hopson’s article for her.
* * *
McMullen Memorial Library received a memorial for Earl Carrell from Kathy Poland and her sister Linda Syler.  The library is open daily and Saturdays at special times with lots of great summer programs.
Debra Bashaw was the librarian Friday when I turned books in and she said her mom, Fern Nerren, is happy because she has a new cat.  I know now where Debra gets her love for cats.  Animals bring lots of happy moments for many folks.
* * *
I have been thankful for good eating places close by this week.  We were at Dean’s for lunch when Tim Scogin, Kimberly, Amber and Tristan Childers spent some time with us.  The kids were only too happy to eat a Sonic supper.  Another day Beamon’s brother, Wesley, was here from Arlington and he did not want me to cook so he and Beamon got fish at Dean’s.
* * *
Frank and Nancy Bridges were here from South Carolina for a long visit.  Tracy stayed busy doing special jobs for his mom, Sue Bridges, while Nancy was recuperating from a “bug” she picked up while they were in Florida at the beach.
* * *
Hazel Morehead found me in the grocery store and I asked about her husband, W.J. Morehead, who is one of my favorite people.  Ruth Whitten looked as tired as I felt and it was still early.  Ruth and John are always busy with a garden and they do so many good things to help other folks.  As I was checking out Boots Morehead was leaving the store.  It had been a while since I had seen him but he was looking great after having some health problems.
* * *
Beauty shop time was changed which gave me a chance to see some not normally there in my appointment.  Wanda Tunnell was exhausted from helping every evening with Vacation Bible School and her grandchildren and daughter were with her all week, too.  Jimmy and Jimmy Wayne Gandy had gotten haircuts to help them be cooler.
* * *
Shana, Morgan and Grant DePaoli of Dallas were with Tommie and Buddy Lowery for Father’s Day.

Sheila Scogin contributes this weekly column about Huntington-area residents.