Let’s not become desensitized to all the horror

Jan Allbritton

ALife is always an adventure at our house. Monday morning I get up and look out the front window. I see Baby getting kinda close to the road. I holler at her, and she starts back, and then she stops. I then hear what she is hearing,…a dog yelling like it is dying.
I get Baby to come into the house, and I go out and investigate. The puppy dog is still hollering like it is dying. I send up a short prayer because I don’t really want to see a dog maimed, but I have to respond.
I find a puppy in the ditch, in water, right next to the culvert. It cannot get out because it is too steep. I reach down and pull it out. It was a beautiful six-week old Lab-mix puppy. I dried it off and tried to feed it. It finally laid down and slept on the porch.
The puppy dog did not belong to any of the neighbors, and it was dumped out in front of my house. The puppy was blessed that I rescued it. If it had gotten on the highway, it would have been dead.
I was pretty upset that someone would throw out such a beautiful puppy. It had a very sweet disposition and would make a great pet! I ended up taking it to the Humane Society where someone will adopt it. How do I know someone will adopt it? Because I anointed that puppy and prayed a long life over it. Even though I cried when I had to leave that precious puppy, I know that my God is able. That’s how I know.
Now that I have had that experience, I have become friends on Facebook with the Humane Society, and I am interested in what happens to animals.
Do we have that same compassion for children that are abused and neglected? Do we feel outrage when a mom tries to drown her child in a creek? Do we get angry when a boyfriend beats to death the small child of his girlfriend? Are we incensed about the child sex trade trafficking that is going on? Are we even aware? Are we upset over all the botched abortions and even murders of babies that are actually born alive at abortion clinics?
Have we become desensitized to all of this horror going on around us?
Where is our sense of justice? Where is our heart for humanity?
I think that animals should be protected against abuse, but even more strongly do I feel that babies and children should be protected!
What can we do? Get involved. Report abuse if you see it or if you suspect it. Speak up.
Support groups that stand against abortion and child slavery. Stand up and let your voice be counted.
Pastor Andy made the statement Sunday that God raises up a man or a woman in order for Him to use them to initiate a change. Are you the one that God is raising up to bring about a change in our society? Are you the one that will help to stop abortion? Are you the one that will see that kids in your county are protected from abuse and neglect?
In the movie, “Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian”, Lucy was facing the entire enemy army at the end of a bridge with a small dagger in her hand. Just little ole Lucy! The enemy did not think that she was much of a threat, but then Aslan came to stand beside her.
Aslan, who represents Jesus, only asked for her to stand up for what was right and to face the enemy. Once she stood up, Aslan, the Lion, roared and defeated the enemy completely.
You and I can be as brave as a little girl with a dagger for we are never alone when we do what God wants us to do. He is always with us, and if God is with us, who can stand against us?

Jan Allbritton is a Diboll resident who teaches at St. Cyprian’s Episcopal School.