Let God help you make the right choices in life

Sisters in Grace
Tina Trout Terrell and
Christie Trout Stephens

“I am praying to you because I know you will answer, O God.
“Bend down and listen as I pray.” – Psalm 17:6.

Choices … We all have them. Some choices are small ones. What do we watch on TV tonight? Should I wear the black dress or the red dress? Where do we go on vacation this year? What should we name our new dog? Some choices are harder and/or have more effects on your life. Should I apply for this job? Should we move out of state? What should we name our baby? Should we buy this house? We are all faced with questions in life and we all have to choose how to answer them. We all have to make choices.
I recently had to face a hard choice in my life. I had to pick one of three choices. All of them were great. They all had aspects that would give me fulfillment, joy, challenges, and success. All three also had challenges, obstacles, and fear of the unknown. I had no idea what to choose or how I felt about each option. I asked for a few days to think about things before making a choice.
I began to pray. “Dear Lord, Please help me make the best decision. I am going to leave it all in your hands. I don’t know what to do, so God, I am relying on you.”
As I have written before, I am very independent and hard headed. (This is, I am sure, a surprise to all who know me!) I know what I want, when I want it, and there is usually no question how I feel about something. I am usually not indecisive and can make decisions under pressure, but in this case, I could not. I needed direction and guidance. I had to rely on God. I had to let Him lead the way.
Off and on throughout the day and evening, I prayed. I let God know I needed Him to make the choice for me. I could not make the decision for myself, and I just needed him to make it clear for me. “Lead me Lord where you want me to go.”
I went to bed that night and surprisingly slept. I was peaceful all night. Earlier that day, I told a friend I wasn’t going to sleep well at all because I am a worrier. However, this was not the case. I slept like a baby all night long! When I woke up, I immediately thought of, and envisioned, one of my choices. “Hmmm” – I thought to myself. Then I began to read my morning devotional. The topic was about changes, stress relief, and how change is good. All morning while getting ready, one of the choices stood out among the others. I just kept thinking about one very clearly. I could see myself there! God had given me a clear “winner”. I knew he was leading me to a choice. I took his advice too.
Changes are hard for all of us – especially when we are attached to something, someone, or are fearful of change. Sometimes change is good for us. God is leading me in a direction and it is my job to listen and go where he tells me. Are you listening to His direction today?
This past Sunday was Father’s day. Although he doesn’t like it when we do this, because he is such a private person, Tina and I would like to give a shout out to our Dad, Jimmy Trout – the best Dad a girl could ever have. He survived the two of us, and Tina and I have given him five more challenges – grandkids! He is a pretty swell Papa too!
Next, we would like to say Happy Father’s Day to our husbands: Mike Terrell and Greg Stephens. We are blessed to have you in our lives. Our kids are lucky to have you both too. Thank you for being great Dads. (AND for all the material for our article!)
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