To Unknown Heirs of JOSEPH JOHN KWIATKOWSKI, Decedent:
You have been sued.  You may employ an attorney.  If you or your attorney do not file a written answer with the clerk who issued this citation by 10:00 A.M. on the Monday next following the expiration of twenty days after you were served this citation and petition, a default judgment may be taken against you.  The Application to Determine the Heirs of JOSEPH JOHN KWIATKOWSKI filed by BEVERLY MARIE KWIATKOWSKI,  Applicant, was filed in the County Court at Law No. Two of Angelina County, Texas on June 6, 2013, to determine the unknown heirs (if any) that an Application for Dependent Administration and Letter of Administration was filed on March 22, 2013 in Cause Number 065-13-PR and a hearing was held on April 28, 2013 and BEVERLY MARIE KWIATKOWSKI was appointed the Administratrix of the Estate of JOSEPH JOHN KWIATKOWSKI.
Decedent was born on February 4, 1931 in Wilkes Barre, PA and died on January 15, 2013.
The Court has authority in this suit to render an order in declaring the heirs of JOSEPH JOHN KWIATKOWSKI that will be binding on you.
Issued and given under my hand and seal of the Court at Lufkin, Texas, on June 06, 2013.
JoAnn Chastain, County Clerk
Angelina County, Texas