Families enjoy time at Crystal Beach around 4th

Spending a week at Crystal Beach were Leslie and Patrick Richards, Brandi, Blaire, Carly and Jackson Lankford and Pat Garrett of Lufkin; Brad Reid of College Station; and Carole and Jim Giles and Kameron Conway of Longview. Jim and Patrick got a few “keepers” when they tried their hand at fishing while the others rode the ferry to Galveston and did some shopping and sightseeing there. They all enjoyed the July 4th fireworks display.
* * *
Robert Jones looked like he had already been hard at work by the time I saw him taking a break at Brookshire Brothers. Having always farmed, he knows to get things done if possible before that terrible heat sets in for the day.
* * *
I had not seen Denise Suggs Jones in several years, but she was the librarian at McMullen Memorial Library when I was getting books. Denise and Teresa Stubblefield were the best of friends when they were in school. Teresa and her sister Jeannie are daughters of Cleon and Diane Junge Stubblefield of Kennard. Diane is the daughter of the late Jean and Prentis Junge so I caught up with the surviving members of the family.
Anybody who stays around me very long knows that I don’t have animals and have never wanted them , especially in the house. When my sister Christal and I were growing up we always had animals, but they were either working animals or provided food for the table. We kids had no say in this matter. Regardless of the weather, whether hot or cold, we fed a horse, cows, hogs, chickens, turkeys and dogs. Mother put her foot down about a cat.
It is not that my sister and I don’t like animals, but we have chosen not to have to care for any more. Neglected animals bring about a very unhappy time for us. In the years since we moved here I cannot even think of how many cats, kittens, dogs and puppies have been dumped out on us.
Friday evening it was late when we got the mail and when I opened the back door, there were two little dogs peeking in the door at me. You could tell they were house dogs but neither tried to come in. One was a dachshund, the other a mix of dachshund and whatever. Beamon wondered what we would do with them. They stayed in our garage and the next morning both were still there. I checked with a couple of the neighbors I know, but they did not know where the dogs belonged. Nothing to do but get out and drive around to see if I might find their home.
The first place I stopped the man had two dogs but they were penned up and they were quite large. Next I asked at my cousin’s and told her if anybody came by inquiring about the little dogs to tell them where they were. The third porch I stepped up on I nearly had heart failure when a dog as big as a Shetland pony came up beside me. Thankfully, the man of the house answered the door about that time, but the little dogs were not his. He said they might belong next door. About the time I started to turn to go off the porch another dog appeared by me but this one was not quite equal to the Shetland pony. One more stop was all I was up to that morning, but no one was home so I gave up the hunt. Beamon said when I got home that my cousin had called and the little dogs’ owner worked in Nacogdoches and she would be here to get them at 8 p.m.
Needless to say every time Beamon and I went out the back door the dogs watched and waited. Beamon worried about feeding them but we had no food that dachshunds could eat (at least I knew that much about them).
The lady was grateful that we kept them, but it bothers me that people are gone for such a long time to work or wherever and the pets get left alone. The owner did not realize their little legs could take the dogs so far away from their house that they did not know how to get home.
Also, they had collars on but no identifying phone number or owner name. If you  are a pet owner that might be a wise thing to do for a dog, cat or whatever animal you have.

Sheila Scogin contributes this weekly column about Huntington-area residents.