D4D celebrates year of work


One year has passed since the Design 4 Diboll (D4D) Committee was approved. The original charge: The committee would collect information, refine it and present opportunities for the City Council to adopt or amend. The committee would then help the Council with information on what other resources should be authorized, most likely: Economic Development, Retail Focus, Housing Development, Beautification, Park Oversight and Buy Diboll First.
Subsequently: The Council has appointed the Park & Recreation Board, the Beautification Committee and the Civic Center Board. In reaction to the community buy-in to a Diboll revitalization effort—a Civic Club has formed under the leadership of Trey Wilkerson and others that see citizen participation opportunities. Then with leadership of Sandra Pouland a Business Association has been established, with Lewis Ivey as President.
While the initial over-all role has not accomplished as outlined above, D4D has assisted in bringing together the resources that can make the attainment of the initial charge a reality in the near future. With the City’s support– much has happened that provides the framework on which to accomplish the charge of the committee.
The D4D Committee has met monthly and has an active agenda. Accomplishments to date include:
• Printing of 10,000 City of Diboll brochures highlighting our city facilities
• City survey by way of the DISD student’s parents providing views of Diboll’s direction
• Providing input into a city map project to better define shopping and housing options
• Monitoring of International Paper’s  sale and opportunities for Diboll’s involvement
• Study of the creation of a City wide low cost Digital Broadband system available to all
• Support of a Youth Initiative lead by Justin Barkley that harnesses the talents of our youth to have more activities and input into direction of programs using their talents
• Monitoring our city web site to see it is up-to-date…
• Input to the roles of the various groups previously stated to maintain  an overall direction and to limit overlaps in activities
• Input into the new Diboll City Sign location by the fire department
• Creating a Pine Tree symbol for adoption by those wanting a way to differentiate our city with a representation and showing unity
• Input into the Keeler grant process and future
• Support of updates to the Civic Center to make broader use of our great facility
• Support of the Diboll Free Press to publicize the area businesses in their publication
Much  remains to be done!!! With the finalizing of the sale of our local major employer, our future can be better planned and executed. Initial Georgia Pacific feedback seems positive and cooperation appears supportive of our city.